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Why Customers Love Our Thermals


When temperatures drop, cycling can become a chore.  It's hard to know what and how much to wear.  How do you fend off the wind and not end up soaked in the sweat trapped between your layers?

You may have thought the jargon-heavy purchasing decisions were over when you bought your bike, but navigating gear styles and garment weights can be troublesome.  Even worse, it can be expensive.

That's why at Retro, when we started developing cold weather garments, we wanted a no B.S. approach.  We wanted one garment to stand behind, that our customers could use throughout the winter season.  We use the same approach of great fit and quality fabric, featuring the designs our customers love.  We wanted one garment that could keep our brave customers loving their bikes through the brutal seasons.  That's why we introduced the thermal jersey.

The lightweight thermal keeps wind out and the sweat off.  Our thermals feature fleece-lined long sleeves that wick the sweat away from the skin to keep you warm and dry while you're riding.  You don't need layers and layers of expensive gear to ride in the winter.  Just toss on a thermal and enjoy the ride.

But why take it from us?  Let our customers tell you:


Stephanie:  "I have two.  I wear one each day on my commute and rotate them.  It's been a life saver!"

Josh:  "I wear it mountain biking.  It's Great as an upper layer for those slightly chilly days, and an excellent layer underneath when you want to get out in those really cold days!"

Justin:  "It's my go to for cyclocross.  It breathes really well, and it's sooo soft on the inside!  A little warmth for the sufferfest."