5 Eye-Catching Cycling Jerseys of Le Tour de France 2016


Le Tour de France is one of the most highly-acclaimed cycling races that covers a distance of over 2,100 miles in 21 stages. The 2016 tour started at Mont-Saint-Michel on July 2nd and is expected to end in Paris 22 days later on July 24th.

Now at about the halfway point in Le Tour de France, we've noticed some stunning styles among the cycling teams and their kits. From bright colors and elegant designs, this year's tour showcases a stunning spectrum of custom-designed cycling jerseys for each team. Below we take a closer look at five of the more eye-catching cycling jerseys of Le Tour de France 2016.

Yellow Le Coq Sportif Jersey

This legendary jersey, which is given to the stage leaders of Le Tour de France, features a stand-out mustard yellow color that every sprinter in the tour strives to represent. The cycling jersey features a combination of premium materials that are specifically designed for each section, including an anatomical cut at the top that enhances breathability and snug fit feel when riding. 

The material of the Yellow Le Coq Sportif Jersey is sufficiently light as well as semi-porous to allow for better aeration, especially when cycling in high temperature areas. There’s also a collar with black interior around the neckline and zipper that can be opened or closed at will.

(Image source: Amazon.com.)

Astana Pro Team Jersey

The Astana Pro Team Jersey is a light blue design that grabs the eye with its spectacular imprints and silhouetted shape. This cycling jersey in the Le Tour de France is officially being worn by the Kazakhstan team. 

Though the most of the jersey is sky blue in color, it has a yellow collar line and white zipper that extends only up to the chest bone area. Also displayed are subtle red writings on both sides and a signature above the right marking, just below collar bone region. Beneath its left armpit is a white color patch that gives this jersey an extra-appealing look.

(Image source: Amazon.com.)

Cofidis Cycling Jersey

The Cofidis Cycling Jersey is being worn by a section of the French team and is red in shade, with light gray linings extending from the lower shoulder region, downwards through armpit area and towards the waistline on both left and right sides. 

The jersey is also crafted with short sleeves made from supple, seamless elastane fabric that provides extra comfort. The sleeves are short and extend only to the triceps area, eliminating pressure and providing air circulation around the arms. All these features collectively help to regulate the cyclists’ body temperatures as weather conditions change, thus reducing the overall amount of energy expended.

(Image source: cyclingnews.com.)

BMC Racing Team Jersey

Worn by an American team in Le Tour, the BMC Racing Team Jersey is attractive top that's black and red in color with the former shade covering lower parts around the stomach, while black is from chest bone region upwards into collar-neck area. 

The neckline itself has white BMC markings that are also found on top of both shoulders and chest region. Generally, this cycling jersey elicits a feeling of power and confidence on riders (which may be why the BMC Team is known as a powerhouse in the sport.)

(Image source: cyclingnews.com.)

Cannondale Drapac Jersey

The Cannondale Drapac jersey is also being worn by an American team in Le Tour de France. The jersey features a bright green color with diamond shaped imprints covering the front area as well as red underlines at the tip of each sleeve. 

This beautiful cycling jersey combines both comfort and aerodynamics which are top priorities for any cyclist. Important for 21 days of grueling climbs and relentless racing, the Cannondale Drapac jersey features non-chafing flat seams, silicone strips at the hem, and a semi-elastic back that provides extra support.

(Image source: cyclingweekly.co.uk.)

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