Why Wear A Jersey

Why Wear A Cycling Jersey?

Getting into cycling can be a little overwhelming. There’s all kinds of details to consider. Should you change your diet? Where should I ride? What’s a Kilometer? The list goes on and on. Well we’re here to help you out with one of those. What are the benefits of wearing a cycling jersey compared to a regular t-shirt or sweater?

For Style

To be a cyclist, recreational or professional, you need to look like a cyclist. Bike jerseys offer a very distinct, fitted look topped off with bright, vibrant designs that express the cyclist’s hobbies, passions, favorite colors, characters and style.

Our dye-sublimation printing method is state of the art. It’s designed to keep your new jersey looking great wash after wash.

For Performance

A cycling jersey is more aerodynamic than traditional clothing. It offers the least wind resistance possible so you can push yourself further on your cycling jersey. Additionally, a bike jersey helps you stay cool and dry. The material used in a cycling jersey is made to wick away sweat and ventilate you. Our jerseys are equipped with zippers and rear pockets, as well as a silicone gripper to keep the hem of your jersey from riding up in back.

For Comfort

Designed for optimal comfort on long rides, cycling jerseys are made with very soft, breathable fabric that moves with your body instead of against it. The construction is tagless at the neck and comes in a club-cut for a more relaxed fit that pro-cut jerseys.

Retro2Ride utilizes ultra-soft Euro Mesh material.

Find Your Size

Now that you know the facts on cycling jerseys, the only thing left to know is what size is right for you? At Retro2Ride, we carry all sizes and styles of our club-cut cycling jerseys. Click here to view our cycling apparel sizing chart.