Brand Ambassadors

Retro Image Apparel Brand Ambassador Program

Earn free products and discounts for doing what you love!  Are you active in your local riding scene?  Are you always posting on social media, recording your rides, and encouraging your friends to hit the trail with you?  Do you love Retro products and want the opportunity to earn free gear and discounts to share?

Be a Retro Brand Ambassador 

Retro Image Apparel is seeking Brand Ambassadors of all levels and abilities.  Retro Ambassadors are active, outgoing, and passionate about their gear.  Whether you race, commute, or ride for fun, you could be eligible to join the Retro Ambassador Team. 

The Gig 

Brand Ambassadors make active social media posts tagging Retro (at a minimum rate of two per month.  Appropriate social media outlets include, but are not limited to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Linked In, Strava, MapMyRide, Pinterest, and Hyper.)   The more posts you make, the more gear you earn!  BA’s wear Retro gear when they train, run, race, and ride.  They provide photos of themselves in Retro garments for Retro to use on its social media, website, blog, and newsletters.  Last but not least, they spread the word about Retro products and culture! 

What’s In It For You?

Brand Ambassadors receive free promotional items and the opportunity to earn more with active social media posts. They also get an exclusive preview of new products, are consulted on designs, and get the first opportunity for preorder.  They receive an Official Employee Purchase Order Form to purchase any additional gear at considerable discount and random swag to hand out.  They receive access to an exclusive in-the-know newsletter, are featured on the Retro blog, and receive social media shout outs from Retro to boost their own social followers.