5 Products with 5 Star Reviews!


At Retro Image Apparel, your feedback is valued and important to us.  Whether you are wearing casual tanks and tech tees or classic cycling jerseys, we want to hear what you have to say!

Every product is available for review, right on the product page!

We're fortunate enough to have some very satisfied customers and we wanted to share the most popular novelty cycling jerseys with you!


The Paris Roubaix Cycling Jersey is quintessential to the Retro Image brand.  It is by far our most popular classic cycling jersey and beloved by customers.  The stylish simplicity is a perfect ode to its namesake, the former French team Alcyon.  It embodies the elegance and minimalism of the earlier days of cycling and celebrates a race that is still one of the most popular on the global cycling scene.

One customer calls the jersey "ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. BEST MATERIAL, DESIGN AND OVERALL QUALITY I EVER HAD."  While another simply states, "GREAT QUICK SERVICE AND EXCELLENT PRODUCT QUALITY."  You can view these reviews and shop the Paris Roubaix cycling jersey here.


The STL Style Cycling Jersey commemorates the pride, gratification, and recognition we feel toward our hometown of Saint Louis, Missouri.  This ode to the Gateway to the West is in collaboration with a fellow local business, STL Stylehouse.  This classic celebration of St. Louis is loved by locals and tourists alike.

Michael claims, "THE COLORS AND GRAPHICS, INFUSED WITH SOME ST. LOUIS PRIDE MAKE THIS MY NEW FAVORITE JERSEY."  Alex also gave the jersey five stars with the note, "GREAT DESIGN AND EXCELLENT FIT."  You can read the full reviews and shop the STL Style Cycling Jersey here.  It is also available in a Women's Cycling Jersey and Women's Tank Top.


One reviewer perfectly sums up this jersey as "FUN, FUNKY, AND FUNCTIONAL."  The classic NASA jersey features the official NASA insignia.  It is perfect for a cyclist who loves to explore unknown areas or discover what's out there on the bike.  NASA is more than just a leader in space exploration, but is a cultural icon.

This jersey is available in men'swomen'smen's tech tee, and women's tank top.


The Lady Bug Women's jerseys feature classically chic polka dots, with an informal nod to the Queen of the Mountain climber jerseys.  The casual cycling jersey has been reviewed as both eye-catching and highly visible.  It has been purchased from around the world!

 Ann writes "A VERY LOVELY JERSEY THAT'S FUN TO RIDE IN!"  The jersey comes in white, blue, and black.


Cycling and craft beer go hand in hand.  Retro Image Apparel is a proud supporter and partner of microbreweries around the country.  The Lucky Lab Imperial Stout is a Portland, Oregon classic that appeals to dog lovers and beer drinkers everywhere.

A customer had this to say about the casual cycling jersey, ". GREAT QUALITY, NICE FIT, AND WE BOTH LOVE THE DESIGN!"  You can view the full review and find the jersey to purchase here.

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