5 Classic Cycling Jerseys for a Vintage Vélo Style


When it comes to classic cycling jerseys, here at Retro2Ride.com, we are your premier source for wide range of classic, vintage, and retro riding wear for both men and women. With one of our featured Design Collections dedicated to classic-vintage styles, we offer a complete spectrum of cycling jerseys to suit your unique style.

While you can explore many different products in our Classic-Vintage Design Collection, below we have profiled five of our more popular classic cycling jerseys that truly showcase a vintage vélo style.

1943 Cataluna Classic Cycling Jersey

1943 Cataluna Classic Cycling Jersey

The 1943 Cataluna jersey is one of the most unique classic cycling jerseys that we offer. Based on the historical bike race in Spain, the Cataluna jersey embodies a time when the world was at war, but professional cycling persisted. The official poster of the 1943 Cataluna captures the spirit of the race and honors Pirelli’s 3rd sponsorship of the event. The race remains a UCI Pro Tour program. Shop the 1943 Cataluna classic cycling jersey, by clicking here.

Smokey Bear Cycling Jersey

Classic Smokey Bear Cycling Jersey

Another favorite in our collection of classic cycling jerseys is the Smokey Bear design. Born on August 9, 1944, Smokey Bear became an iconic figure for the U.S. Forest Service in an effort to prevent forest fires. While fire fighters were battling a forest fire in New Mexico, they discovered a bear cub who had taken refuge in a tree. Badly burned but still alive, the fire fighters who were moved by this cub's bravery named him Smokey. While Smokey lived out the remainder of his life at a National Zoo, his environmental message lives on to this day: "Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires!". Shop the classic Smokey Bear cycling jersey here.

Paris Roubaix Classic Cycling Jersey

Paris Roubaix Classic Cycling Jersey

As simple yet sleek and stylish design, the Paris Roubaix classic cycling jersey commemorates the former French cycling team, Alcyon, which was active on the professional cycling scene from 1906 to 1955. The team was sponsored by Alcyon, a French bicycle, motorcycle and automobile manufacturer. The team is best known for winning the Tour de France a number of times during its storied history. As a favorite in our collection of classic cycling jerseys, you can sport the Paris Roubaix team by click here.

Nasa Cycling Jersey

Classic Nasa Cycling Jersey

The classic NASA cycling jersey features the official NASA insignia. This NASA insignia has become of prominent symbol of United States' revolutionary developments and discoveries in the modern space exploration. In taking a closer look at the NASA insignia, the stars signify space, the sphere epitomizes a planet, the red chevron wing represents aeronautics, and a spacecraft orbits the wing. Get the NASA cycling jersey in men's or women's.

Gumby Cycling Jersey

Classic Gumby Cycling Jersey

Based on the early 1950s television show Gumby, this classic cycling jersey holds place in many cyclists' hearts. Originally created by Art Clokey after finishing film school, Gumby quickly evolved as NBC executives requested Clokey's art to produce TV pilots. Gumby's character was a massive hit on the Howdy Doody show, so NBC gave Gumby his own show in 1957. Today, Gumby lives on as a cultural icon among many adults who viewed the show during its time. Pick up this jersey today and represent Gumby on your next bike ride. This classic cycling jersey is available in both men's and women's.

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